Richard Pederson of Pederson Stamps has written a number of articles published in NSDA News, the quarterly newsletter of the National Stamp Dealers Association. Some of those past articles are available from this page. A list of available articles follows. Just click the article of interest so that it can be viewed or printed. These articles are made available for the benefit of Pederson Stamp customers, but are copyrighted and should not be used elsewhere without written permission from Pederson Stamps. Extracts from the articles may be used if their source is properly credited.

Article Name Publication Source Date Published
The Fun of Acquisition NSDA News 2nd Quarter 2010
Why Advertise? NSDA News 3rd Quarter 2010
Branding Yourself As A Stamp Dealer NSDA News 4th Quarter 2010
Selling Covers NSDA News 1st Quarter 2011
Yeszterday and Today - How Stamp Collecting Has Changed NSDA News 2nd Quarter 2011
Mourning Covers NSDA News 4th Quarter 2011
Topical and Thematic Collecting NSDA News 2nd Quarter 2012
Why We Collect Stamps NSDA News 3rd Quarter 2012
Preparing For Collection Disbursement NSDA News 3rd Quarter 2012
On Exhibiting NSDA News 4th Quarter 2012
The Thrill Of The Chase NSDA News 4th Quarter 2012

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