Pederson Stamps has celebrated its one year anniversary by bringing up its on-line store. The on-line store is hosted on the popular web site, a rapidly growing web site containing hundreds of on-line stamp stores and many thosands of philatelic items and other collectibles. We chose this site because it contains excellent search tools, provides for easy integration of Google Checkout to facilitate payment of your purchases, allows us to sell our offerings as store items or via auction, and provides our customers an array of tools that allow capabilities such as creating want lists and permitting the watching of selected items offered for sale. Customers also have the ability to either easily link from our store to information (e.g., sale and shipping terms) stored on the Pederson Stamps web site or to navigate to our bidStart store from the Pederson Stamps web site. In addition, our on-line store also provides the capability for customers to make a best offer for selected items. For instance, if a given item in the store that is on sale for $30 says "Make A Best Offer", and your budget for that item is $25, you can make us an offer of $25 since there is a possibility we will accept the offer. Our one caveat is that when you make an offer, please make sure it is your best one since we will not go back and forth on offers. We will either accept your offer or decline it. Try our store out and if you have any suggestions, please drop us an email at

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